Friday, 9 January 2015

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Welcome back after the winter holiday! We’ve really hit the ground running this week. The new dismissal procedure has been a success, and I thank you all for your co-operation in making this transition. Starting on Monday, 19th January, we will handle morning arrivals in the same way, with pedestrians using the front gate and using the bus bay exclusively for cars and buses. More information to follow on that next week.

The word of the month of January seems to be “recruiting”. We’ve already hired some outstanding faculty for next year and Virginia, Doug and I will all be attending key recruiting fairs this month to hire additional high-quality faculty. Our staff turnover is at about 10%, which is a healthy range for an international school like HKA.

This is recruiting season for universities as well and I am happy to report that our Grade 12’s have started to receive admissions offers to outstanding institutions of higher education. Universities will continue to make offers through the Spring and beyond, so we don’t know the students’ final destinations yet. I’ll keep you posted! Many thanks to our University Counsellor Erin Nicolls, who joined HKA last August and has been sharing her expertise and experience with our Secondary School students.

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