Friday, 20 November 2015

eNews Issue 14

HKA has a wide-reaching presence in Sai Kung, throughout Hong Kong and throughout the world. I’m making plans now to be in London and Boston for faculty recruiting and am looking forward to seeing alumni and former families in those cities on 27th January (Boston)and 4th February (London). Please let your network of former HKA families know about these events and forward this email to them so that they can RSVP.

Our network of former families are compelling ambassadors for the school and are often cited as a reason why a prospective family chooses HKA. Closer to home, we are all ambassadors for HKA. I was reminded of this fact again this week when the school received an unsolicited email from a Sai Kung resident complimenting some of our students with whom she had interacted in Sai Kung. The students in Sai Kung were not officially representing the school but they still were effective ambassadors for our learning community.

Our students represent the school in more official capacities as well. Last weekend, several students participated in a local debate contest and achieved high marks in various categories, receiving high recognition from the judges. The week before, students participated in a local drama festival, ISTA, and at the Global Issues Network Conference. Our sports teams are also our ambassadors, especially with their commitment to fair play and good sportsmanship when they represent HKA.

And supporting it all is you, the parent community. Thank you for all you do for HKA!

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