Friday, 4 December 2015

eNews Issue 16

Who did eat those tarts? And were they raspberry or strawberry? If you were one of the lucky ones in the audience at last night’s performance of Alice in Wonderland, then you know the answers! If you missed it last night, I hope you catch today’s performance.

At HKA, when we talk about rigour, pathways to individual success and the value of an HKA education, one of the ideas foremost in our minds is student-led learning experiences. Alice in Wonderland was an incredible example of student-led efforts. Even a brief look at the programme tells the story: students not only performed in the play, they led the design efforts for posters, tickets and sets, provided the music, choreographed the dances, designed costumes, organised props and supported every technical aspect of the play. Some of them took on director roles as well. The students had a fantastic theatre experience while they developed their own voices and leadership skills.

To support students in such extensive leadership roles reflects the skill and the commitment of HKA teachers to authentic student learning. Thanks especially to Drama Teacher Jo Crimmins for her work as well as all other faculty and staff who helped make Alice not just a wonderland but wonderful.

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