Friday, 10 June 2016

eNews Issue 39

Thank you to everyone for participating in Portfolio Share Day and the Renaissance Festival. The students were beaming with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment! What a great opportunity for them to share their learnings with us as parents, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

This is our last eNews of the school year. We bid a special farewell to those families who are moving on from HKA this year. You will be sorely missed, and we hope you’ll stay in touch. We already have HKA events planned in London for 2nd February 2017 and in Singapore for 27th April 2017, so if you’re heading to those cities, please mark your calendars now! And for all of us, whether staying in Hong Kong or moving elsewhere, please follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to help our global HKA community stay in touch.

Please note that school starts on a Tuesday next year, which is a deviation from our normal pattern. See you on Tuesday, 16th August for a half-day of school, followed by a full day on Wednesday, 17th August.

Our annual Back to School coffee morning will be on Friday, 19th August. The eNews will resume on Friday, 12th August with more details.

Have a wonderful summer!

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