Friday, 11 March 2016

eNews Issue 27

Many of us read the article in this week’s South China Morning Post about Harrow School’s decision to move to mandatory busing next year in response to community concerns in their area over traffic related to arrival and dismissal routines. And as I’m sure you are aware, a number of peer schools have already adopted a mandatory busing policy because of the impact that private vehicles have had in their neighbourhoods. The SCMP story is a timely reminder that while safety is the most important issue to consider with arrival and dismissal, it is not the only challenge. How a school impacts the local community is an ongoing concern and one that we take very seriously. Thank you for partnering with us as we make safety our top priority and also strive to be a positive presence in Sai Kung.

And mark your calendar for our upcoming student recital. At HKA, we talk a lot about pathways to individual excellence. Many of our students express that through music and study and practice music beyond the school’s music programme. We’re excited that these students will have the opportunity to share their talents with us on 15th April.

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