Thursday, 24 March 2016

eNews Issue 29

A short but busy week! The Grade 2 exhibition kept the Upper Ground and cafe area hopping with many examples of creativity and self-expression. Well done, Grade 2s, and special thanks to the Grade 2 team for supporting the students.

This week was also our Grade 3 Community Evening. I’m always grateful to parents who share their evenings with HKA, whether it’s a back-to-school night, curriculum evening, sporting event, play, concert or Coffeehouse. HKA parents give generously of their time and the conversations we have together make a real impact on the life of the school.

And kudos to the students involved in last week’s Coffeehouse. As the rain clouds gathered, they exhibited real leadership, flexibility and initiative in moving the venue from the Verandah to the Theatre in very little time, making it possible for us all to enjoy the wonderful performances with very little disruption. Thanks!

Have a wonderful Spring Holiday and looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, 6th April.

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